• 125.7M
    visits to outpatient facilities
  • 884.7M
    visits to physician offices
  • 60-70%
    of all surgical procedures in the U.S. are done on an outpatient basis

Solutions for Ambulatory Service Providers

Build and retain the skilled workforce essential to meeting high customer expectations.

Clinical Solutions

  • Knowledge Assessments
  • Skills & Checklist Management
  • Lifelong Learning

Compliance Solutions

  • Billing, Privacy, & Workforce
  • Safety & Accreditation
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • CPR Training

Revenue Cycle Solutions

  • Medical Coding
  • Claims Management
  • Clinical Documentation

Talent Solutions

  • Learning Innovation
  • Performance
  • Talent Development

Blue Short Cockatoo Shirt Sleeve Riviera Provider Solutions

  • Medical Groups
  • Credentials Verification Organization
  • Nurse Validation
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