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Bringing hope. 
Changing lives.


By Shane Engel 27 Aug, 2018

San Diego, CA. (August 10, 2018) – HOPE worldwide ™ is pleased to announce it has been awarded $460,000 from the Hurricane Harvey Community Recovery Grant from the American Red Cross™. These funds will support recovery efforts in the Houston and Beaumont / Port Arthur, Texas areas through the HOPE worldwide SPARK Academy program (Special Program for Arts Resiliency for Kids).

The SPARK Academy is a program focused on art, theater and sports therapy that was created in 2013 by HOPE worldwide  in response to Hurricane Sandy’s catastrophic effect on families in New Jersey and New York.

The highly effective program serves pre-K through 6th grade children and families who have been impacted by disasters. All too often, children suffer long term emotional effects of devastating disasters, with little or no support to help them recover. The SPARK Academy helps children by providing an avenue to understand and process their emotions after a disaster using art therapy. Post-disaster behavioral and emotional changes are often seen 6-24 months after a disaster; and the 12-18-month post-disaster time frame is often the most difficult time for recovery. HOPE worldwide is honored to bring this program to the communities affected by the hurricane, working together with partners to help those in need.

“This support will enable us to continue meaningful recovery efforts alongside those devastated by Hurricane Harvey” says Robert Carrillo, CEO. “HOPE worldwide is proud to serve the children of these impacted areas through our SPARK Academy and we look to do so with compassion, integrity and excellence.”

HOPE worldwide  is an international charity that changes lives through the compassion and commitment of dedicated staff and volunteers to deliver sustainable, high-impact, community-based services to the poor and needy. This partnership among HOPE worldwide , The Greater Houston Church, the HOPE worldwide  Houston Chapter and the American Red Cross begins September 1, 2018 and will provide services through February of 2020.

HOPE worldwide’s base of operations is located in San Diego California and Robert Carrillo is a San Diego native who has been serving the organization as CEO since 2015.

By Chris Walquist - Chicago, Illinois USA 21 Aug, 2018
In July, my daughter Lydia and I joined 20 other adventurers from the U.S. and Kenya for a two-week service project in south-central Kenya. Kenya is 9,400 miles from Chicago by air. But after being there for two weeks, I feel in my heart that it is very close! We spent a week in Nairobi and a week in the town of Embu. In Nairobi, we cleaned cabinets, chairs, and windows in the children’s ward of Kenyatta National Hospital. In Embu, we renovated a playground. In both places, we spent a lot of time with kids, and got up close and personal with a group of giraffes. Fun fact: a group of giraffes is called a tower. Ed Rothschild is 18 feet tall and weighs 6,000 pounds. I met him at the African Fund For Endangered Wildlife’s Giraffe Sanctuary. I was pretty thrilled. Ed just wanted to eat.

While we were in Kenya, Obama was also there, and got a lot of media attention. Many of the kids thought David was Obama. We were warmly received (perhaps even more so than was strictly warranted!)

We visited the HOPE worldwide office in Embu, and I have to say, I was deeply impressed. The office also functions as a drop-in center for people at risk from HIV. I have been a fan and supporter of HOPE worldwide for nearly all of my 30 years as a disciple, but I had not come close to grasping the depth and richness of HOPE worldwide's commitment to the communities they serve until I heard from the staff in detail what they were doing, and how they were doing it. You can read on the  HOPEww website  about their work, but it really only scratches the surface. When they say they are reaching those who really are in need, they are telling the truth!

As we began our third day at the hospital, I saw one of the girls hanging out in the hall of the children’s ward. She was about 9 years old, and was wearing a Minnesota Vikings sweater. I explained to her who the Vikings were, and asked if she was a football fan. She looked at me for a moment like I had two heads, and then said very soberly, “The something-somethings are here!” I had her repeat herself a couple of times, and figured out she was saying, “The Mzungus are here.” I wondered, should I run? I asked her, “Is that a sports team? Is that a tribe?” She didn’t give me any more information, so I went to one of the Kenyan brothers and told him what she said. He started laughing, and said, “Mzungu means ‘white foreign person’!”

Mzungus forever!

I can’t describe how close Lydia and I now feel to our brothers and sisters in Kenya. So many shared adventures and memories!

I am very grateful to the organizers of HOPE worldwide Volunteer Corps. These trips are incredibly diverse in their scope and specific areas of service. But no matter what you do or where you go, you will experience these life-changing and transformative elements:

  • A core group of people who are together the whole time. By and large, whatever you experience, you experience together.
  • Practical, daily, shared walk with Jesus and worship of God.
  • Serving others who need your help, together.
  • A clean and refreshing break from your normal, day-to-day routine.
  • Cultural encounters that will challenge and change your view of the world.
Also, I highly recommend that you consider going on a  Tevolio Boutique Boutique Tevolio Tevolio Dress winter winter winter Cocktail Cocktail Cocktail Dress Dress winter Boutique Tevolio Boutique fnqHddw1p  (whatever your age). If you are eligible, apply for a scholarship! Or if you see the opportunity, support someone else going. Or, Pants Pants Leisure Leisure Track Nike winter Track winter Nike Leisure wSzqI6v  directly. Amazing things are bound to happen as a result!
By Shane Engel 30 Jul, 2018
Aug 5, 2018

After July 29, 2018 earthquake measured at 6.4 Richter scale; a bigger 7.0 Richter scale rocked the island on Aug 5th, exactly 7 days later.  

So far, 82 people reported dead at latenight as relief teams rushed to help. This stronger and devastating impact are feared to kill more and affect larger areas.  
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HOPE worldwide arrived in affected areas 24 hrs after the aug29 earthquake to distribute emergency shelters. Right now, teams are mobilized to help more. From rapid assessment, we aim to provide emergency shelters and comfort kits for 2,000 families, and to open several children centers to provide play therapy, counseling, health services, etc; starting from a village in Loloan, North Lombok.

A video of our efforts in Lombok: leisure Jacket Pierre Boutique Balmain Denim  Cardigan American winter Eagle Boutique Outfitters q8f6zxw
Please pray for the people. To help, please visit

For inqiries and questions, please contact:  
* Charles Ham, director - GDRM,   charles.ham
* Shane Engel, VP communication,   shane.engel
By Shane Engel Pierre Balmain leisure Boutique Jacket Denim 11 Jul, 2018

HOPE worldwide  is calling on mental health professionals who are trained in trauma counseling to travel to Guatemala in August to serve survivors of the Volcan de Fuego eruption. The HOPE worldwide Guatemala team along with HOPE worldwide ’s Global Disaster Response team have identified the need to assist survivors in recovering from this terrible tragedy.

You will be volunteering as part of the HOPE worldwide Community Service Brigade in August 23-27, 2018. To apply, visit

You will be required to attend a 1-hour web based training in mid-August. The CSB needs 10-15 Mental Health Professionals. This will be a non-traditional counseling setting as you will have a single session and will provide tools for recovery. More than anything you will provide a safe haven for survivors to talk!

Fluency in Spanish is preferred but not required.

For more information, please visit

You can also contact:

Walter Kotkowski , Vice President, Procurement

Lori Kotkowski, Executive Assistant, Community Service Brigades


Dave Tomlinson, Director, Disaster Response
North America and the Caribbean

A note from the Mental Health Brigade Team Leader Cynthia Neal, NP

My name is Cynthia Neal and I have had the privilege of serving as a psychiatric nurse practitioner on three different medical brigades to Guatemala. I spent about 20 to 30 minutes with each person that was identified as needing mental health services. At first I felt like what I was doing was so minimal and would question if I were doing any good at all. But time after time, every person I was able to meet with would tell me how grateful they were for the time we spent together, to be able to share their story with me, and for the compassion they could tell I felt for them. They shared with me how blessed they felt to have connected in the way that we did, and to have learned the exercises that I gave to them to help with their anxieties and sadness. I can’t tell you how deeply satisfying it is to use my gifts and training to serve this amazing community. I look forward to working with you in August and am absolutely convinced that if you serve in this capacity you will walk away from the experience as a changed individual. Feel free to contact me with questions at

Thank you so much for all your support!

By HOPEww Volunteer Corps 30 Jun, 2018
Two exciting opportunities for 2019 available - apply to become a Global Service Intern or to host a HVC/HYC program in your city!  Read below to find out more about both programs!
By Shane Engel Denim Balmain Pierre Boutique Jacket leisure 18 Jun, 2018

HOPE worldwide  Guatemala has been serving their neighbors and spreading God’s Love to an area tragically affected by the June 3, 2018 Volcano of Fire Eruption. HOPEww Guatemala arrived on scene the very next day with lifesaving medicines, food, clothing and supplies to aid survivors of this tragedy.

In just a few days HOPEww Guatemala staff and volunteers have provided 250 bags of clothing, 25 bags of clothes, 350 prescriptions,  2,750 Hygiene Items and 2,930 non-perishable food items. Starting on June 18, HOPE worldwide  Guatemala’s medical staff and volunteers will bring a mobile clinic to Escuintla to survivors and evacuees who have not been seen by any medical personnel since the eruption.

Cardigan Outfitters American winter Boutique Eagle OxqRYI7w

In addition to the great work that HOPE worldwide  Guatemala has been doing since the beginning of the tragedy, the HOPE worldwide  Global Disaster Response team arrived on Friday June 15. The team brought $10,000 worth of life saving medicines including burn treatments and respiratory infection medicines.

The HOPEww Global Disaster Team flew to Guatemala to meet with the local staff, toured relief sites, provided technical support and assisted in developing a short and long range response and relief plan. HOPE worldwide  will be providing additional financial and technical support for the Guatemala team. Our International Church of Christ partners in Escuintla and Guatemala City have joined with HOPE Pierre Jacket leisure Denim Boutique Balmain worldwide  Guatemala to provide 65 volunteers in the immediate response and will continue to provide volunteer assistance in the coming weeks and months.

What can you do?

Since the area has been almost completely destroyed and homes will likely not be rebuilt in the same area, there is not an immediate plan for additional HOPE worldwide volunteers to travel to Guatemala. However there are two ways you can serve.

1.      Volunteer to serve in the August Community Service Brigade in Guatemala City. Contact  for information or go to  to register.


2.      Donate to the Global Disaster Fund at winter Boutique Faded Glory Glory Boutique winter Boutique Cardigan Cardigan x06RqwTAq

Thank you for your generous support and prayers.

HOPEww Disaster Response Team

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Balmain Boutique Denim Jacket leisure Pierre Purchases food and emergency supplies for a family struck by disaster


Provides clothing, medical care and school supplies to a child in Kenya


Covers a life-saving outpatient procedure in a Cambodian hospital
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